Asbury Woods Contracts With Arctic Snow And Ice


The board of directors for Asbury Woods approved a new snow removal company, Arctic Snow and Ice, for the 2017-2018 winter season.  The contract begins on December 1, 2017.

Residents should see a significant change to the snow removal process.  Unlike previous contracts that didn’t call for removal until 2 inches, this contract is “near zero” tolerance.  Ice melt or snow removal will begin more quickly.

As always, we remind residents to do their part to help with snow removal.  Vehicles should first be stored in the owner’s garage.  Other vehicles should be moved when the area is being serviced.  Vehicles parked in violation of the Asbury Woods rules will be towed!

Be especially careful and cautious of crews servicing the property.  Yield to skid steers (Bobcat), workers shoveling, salt trucks, etc.  Please leave stakes in place that help mark the property for workers.

Thank you for your cooperation in making this season a success.  And welcome to our new vendor, Arctic Snow and Ice!