Vent Cleaning Schedule

Actual picture from one of our units. This cleaning is critical to help avoid a fire in your unit.

Dryer vent cleaning began on April 9.  Please see that you make arrangements to be available to let our contractor, Lintfighters, into your unit for this mandatory cleaning.

Please the this reminder flyer for your scheduled day and time.  Contact Customer Care if you have any questions or need to reschedule.

Association Helps To Prevent Dryer Fires

Included in the 2018 assessment is a free dryer vent cleaning.  This is a mandatory requirement for all homeowners so we can do our part to avoid dryer vent fires.

What to Expect

After greeting the homeowner, the dryer is turned on and checked for proper working condition (inclusive of noise level and heat element of the dryer working).

Inspection of Airflow Before Dryer Vent Cleaning:
Vent termination inspected, any coverings or flaps are removed/ cleaned.

Dryer/DryerVent Cleaning Process:

  • Dryer is turned off and moved away from the wall. This is when the dryer will be cleaned through the lint screen area and the bottom tray area of dryer if accessible
    Vacuum hose (4”) directly connected to vent pipe coming out of wall/floor in laundry room.
  • RoVac vacuum (3 stage motor with hepa filter) turned on
  • A 4” rotating brush on a spring leader is attached to a drill by means of a flexible connecting rod system.
  • This brush is advanced from the outside vent termination all the way to the vacuum hose.
  • After reaching the interior hose, the brush is reversed and rod system backed out, cleaning the vent a second time on its way out.
  • Floor vacuumed, transition vent inspected (replaced at owner expense if they desire) and reconnected to wall pipe.
  • Dryer pushed back into original position, turned on, and checked again for proper working conditions.

Inspection of Airflow After Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  • Vent termination flaps replaced and vent cap caulked if needed with same color caulk.

Look for more information in 2018 for scheduling.

Observe Parking Rules

Avoid costly fines by adhering the Asbury Woods parking rules.

Any area not marked for parking should be consider a fire lane.

Owners (or their renters) should be using their garage AND driveway before any overflow/guest parking is used.

Thank you for your compliance and helping us to maximize our available parking locations.


Packages on Porch

The association received a report of packages missing from an owner’s porch.  If you have accidentally picked up the package, please return to the owner.

This also a good time to remind residents to be vigilant of people in and around the association.  Please report any suspicious activity to the Justice Police.

Modifications Must Receive Board Approval

Any and all modifications to the limited and common elements must first receive board approval.  An additions and alterations form can be found on our documents page.

Owners that install, modify, or remove items from the common elements without approval will be fined.  Any cost to repair can be passed along to the homeowner, as well.

Please do not make this costly mistake!

No Parking in Non-marked Spots

Please consult the rules and regulations for complete details of parking restrictions in the association.

  • There is no parking in the driveway areas unless marked.
  • Vehicles are considered abandoned if they appear inoperable or have not moved in 7 days
  • Some vehicles are not allowed to be parked or stored in the association

Please consult the rules found on the Documents page for more details.

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