Snow Removal Reminders


Asbury Woods would like to provide these tips for successful snow removal.

  • When possible, park vehicles in the garage to reduce the number of vehicles in the drives and overflow parking
  • If your vehicle is parked outside, please move it when snow removal begins in the area.  This helps to remove all snow from drives and overflow/guest parking.
  • No vehicle should be parked in any area that is marked “no parking”.  Any area that is not marked for parking is considered a fire lane per the declaration.  This is heavily enforced up to and including towing vehicles that are improperly parked at the owner’s expense.
  • Always be mindful of workers in snow removal vehicles and walking around the association.
  • Be Safe!

The snow removal contact calls for removal at 2 inches.  Snows less than 2 inches are not removed.

Icy conditions will be salted.

Sidewalks are generally tended to following removal of drives and streets.

Modifications Must Receive Board Approval


Any and all modifications to the limited and common elements must first receive board approval.  An additions and alterations form can be found on our documents page.

Owners that install, modify, or remove items from the common elements without approval will be fined.  Any cost to repair can be passed along to the homeowner, as well.

Please do not make this costly mistake!

New Landscape Complete


The 2015 landscape project included over 700 individual plants.

As each building is completed, the landscape crew mulched all beds.

The board is replacing an equal number of trees as those that were removed (mostly due to the emerald ash borer).

A Fall landscape walk will be scheduled to identify the last of the ash trees to be replaced as well as other desired projects for 2016.

Drainage & Excavation To Begin May 5


The Association will begin a drainage project on Tuesday May 5th. The construction crew will be installing new underground drain piping and connecting downspouts to the new system. The project will begin in the 8808-8814 area on Tuesday May 5th. This area should be completed by Thursday May 7th. If you live in this area we are asking that all cars be moved to alternate parking areas outside of the construction location between the hours of 7:30 am-4:30 pm from May 5th-May 7th.

The crew will be mobilizing on Monday May 4th, but excavation will begin on May 5th.

For any questions or concerns, please contact ACM at 630-320-1133 or

Mulch and Landscape Installs Begin


A sure sign that Spring is here is that our landscape services have started.

Tuesday is our regular day for landscape maintenance such as clean ups, mowing, and trimming.

Landscape installations have already started, including mulch at the entrance, on the other days.  The trees scheduled for replacement have already been cut down.  Their replacements should be installed, weather permitting, starting the week of April 20.  Mulch installs will continue building by building along with the plant installations.

Please refrain from interacting with the landscapers while they are on property.  If you have any questions, please bring to our public meetings or contact customer care at 630-620-1133.

Board To Replace Trees


Removal of trees affected by the emerald ash borer started on April 2.

The board will be replacing these trees along with this year’s comprehensive landscape improvement project starting the week of April 13.

A few ash trees remain in the association that are affected by the bug and will be addressed in subsequent years.

What Will The New Landscape Look Like?

Nice Landscape (2)

The board of directors is working to create look that can be duplicated throughout the association while still providing a variety of plants to add visual interest.  It’s also important for us to consider planting hardy plants for areas that are not reached by water.  Additionally, much of the soil contains clay and is not very organic.

Pictured here is a sample of an end unit’s new landscape that was installed in 2014.  Several end units have been identified for this installation.  Other installations, improvements, and repairs vary depending on location.

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