What Will The New Landscape Look Like?

Nice Landscape (2)

The board of directors is working to create look that can be duplicated throughout the association while still providing a variety of plants to add visual interest.  It’s also important for us to consider planting hardy plants for areas that are not reached by water.  Additionally, much of the soil contains clay and is not very organic.

Pictured here is a sample of an end unit’s new landscape that was installed in 2014.  Several end units have been identified for this installation.  Other installations, improvements, and repairs vary depending on location.

No Parking in Non-marked Spots


Please consult the rules and regulations for complete details of parking restrictions in the association.

  • There is no parking in the driveway areas unless marked.
  • Vehicles are considered abandoned if they appear inoperable or have not moved in 7 days
  • Some vehicles are not allowed to be parked or stored in the association

Please consult the rules found on the Documents page for more details.

Remaining Meeting Dates


Remaining public board meeting dates are April 22, June 17, August 12, and November 4.

The board meetings start at 7pm at the Roberts Park Fire Station on Roberts Rd.


(Board meetings subject to change.  Postcards will be mailed to residents when a change or addition to the schedule is made.)

New Landscape – Spring 2015


Over 50 units are schedule to receive some form of landscape renovation or improvement beginning April 13 (weather permitting).

Some of the work includes:

  • removing trees affected by the emerald ash borer
  • replacing these trees
  • removing dead or dying bushes and replace
  • restore various areas back to “like new” condition
  • fill in bare areas that are void of landscape plantings
  • mulch entire property
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