2017 Asphalt Work


The buildings, carpentry, and balcony work will consume much of the association’s budget for the year, however, the board will be able to replace 33 of the smaller driveways including curb cutting.  With 63 driveways already replaced, this will bring our total to 96 (38%).

Potholes will be filled as soon as the asphalt plants come online (end of April / early May).  The newly renovated driveway between 8108/8808 will be sealcoated.

The board is also working to establish a 2-4 year plant for more extensive asphalt renovation and drainage improvements.

2017 Painting & Balcony Project


At the March 2017 public board meeting, careful review was given to proposals for buildings on the east side of the association that were not painted in 2016.

The board is pleased to award the contract to Artist Touch for painting of the following buildings:

  • 8120
  • 8121
  • 8221
  • 8117
  • 8217
  • 8114
  • 8828
  • 8815
  • 8814
  • 8808

Balconies at the following units will also be replaced:

  • 8815L
  • 8815I
  • 8808L
  • 8814C
  • 8814L
  • 8117C
  • 8217L

Finally, significant wood replacement will take place to damaged areas.

Watch our website, Facebook, and newsletter for more information including start date and any necessary instructions.