Snow Removal Reminders


Asbury Woods would like to provide these tips for successful snow removal.

  • When possible, park vehicles in the garage to reduce the number of vehicles in the drives and overflow parking
  • If your vehicle is parked outside, please move it when snow removal begins in the area.  This helps to remove all snow from drives and overflow/guest parking.
  • No vehicle should be parked in any area that is marked “no parking”.  Any area that is not marked for parking is considered a fire lane per the declaration.  This is heavily enforced up to and including towing vehicles that are improperly parked at the owner’s expense.
  • Always be mindful of workers in snow removal vehicles and walking around the association.
  • Be Safe!

The snow removal contact calls for removal at 2 inches.  Snows less than 2 inches are not removed.

Icy conditions will be salted.

Sidewalks are generally tended to following removal of drives and streets.